Are Black Democratic Voters Less Likely to Vote for Pete Buttigieg Because He is Openly Homosexual and Married to a Man?

Are African American members of the Democratic Party less likely to vote for presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg due to his sexual orientation?

Recently, there has been much discussion among liberals about whether the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is in a same-sex marriage, can garner support from the black community in his race to capture the Democrat Party’s nomination for president.

“The claim that black voters don’t support Pete Buttigieg or anyone else because of sexual orientation is nothing more than a racist trope,” Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David told Hill.TV on Thursday.

Paul A. Djupe, political science professor at Denison University, recently analyzed survey data regarding the opinions of various groups toward “homosexuals” (the wording used in the survey).

In a report published by the website Religion in Public on Wednesday, Djupe found that African American Democrats tended to have less favorable opinions of homosexuals than white and Hispanic Democrats, though warmer than Asian Democrats.

Djupe drew from data that he collected with Anand Sokhey and Amanda Friesen through Qualtrics Panels in 2016. He added that a smaller sample he gathered in 2018 was “almost identical” in its results.

The survey asked respondents who identified as Democrat, independent, or Republican to gauge how cool or warm they felt toward a group on a scale of 1 to 100.

“Black Democrat scores are 12 points lower than the scores from white Democrats. Black Democrats are also indistinguishable from black independents, though both express more warmth than black Republicans, who show the least warmth toward gay and lesbian Americans of any group in this analysis,” wrote Djupe.

Djupe also found that the a generational divide existed among African American women, with 18-year-old black women having about 40 points higher in warmth toward gays than 88-year-old black women.

“However, old and young black men are no different — the spread is seven points, which is an increase, but not a statistically significant one,” cautioned Djupe.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski