After Police Shooting, Blake Family Pastor Offers Prayer “for God’s Help During these Very Perilous Times”

Rev. James E. Ward Jr. (Facebook/James E. Ward Jr.)

As outrage and protests continue to shake Kenosha, Wisconsin after the police shooting of another young Black man, the mother and the pastor of Jacob Blake’s family are calling America to prayer.

Before the Blake family began their press conference Tuesday afternoon, attorney Ben Crump introduced Pastor James E. Ward Jr., the pastor of Blake’s family for more than 30 years, to lead the group of assembled family members, attorneys and media representatives in prayer.

Ward explained that at Blake’s mother’s request and at Attorney Crump’s request, he wanted to set the tone of the press conference by briefly representing their faith in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and offer a brief word of prayer.

“There are three types of law that govern a nation,” Ward said before praying. “Spiritual law, moral law and civil law. But we are only familiar with civil law, and we are often ignorant of the ramifications of violating spiritual and moral law, which civil law alone cannot remedy.

“When these spiritual and moral foundations are destroyed, societies implode. People hurt each other. And what can the righteous do? So we’re calling our nation back to faith in God.

“Despite our differences, every citizen of America can agree that we indeed have a monumental problem in our nation. A problem that people created, but people are incapable of solving. And often as we tell our church, we have a sin problem and not just a skin problem.

“So I invite you to join me in a brief moment of prayer as we ask our gracious God for his help during these very perilous times,” Ward said.

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