Cody Libolt Says Ed Litton Must Resign; Please Sign the Petition

Have you been watching the sad events unfolding in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)?

The newly elected President, Ed Litton, has been exposed for blatantly and repeatedly plagiarizing sermons.

Immediately after this was discovered, his church deleted the evidence. But the sermons had already been downloaded by others, and they are now available on YouTube, as anyone can verify.

“He who conceals his sin will not prosper” (Proverbs 28:13).

Many institutional leaders in the SBC are on record as being strongly against plagiarism, but most of them are now silent about Litton’s situation.

It comes as no surprise that the liberals and so-called moderates are defending Litton or trying to deflect attention away from the matter. We expect every one of them to lie.

But too few conservatives are saying what needs to be said:

Ed Litton must resign.

Will SBC leaders hold Litton to their past standards? Please take a stand by adding your name to this simple statement:

“Ed Litton is an unrepentant plagiarist and liar.

“He must resign from the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) immediately.

“Moreover, if any professor or institutional leader in the SBC will not affirm that Ed Litton must resign, that person is also unfit for leadership in any Christian organization.”

==> Sign the petition here.

UPDATE 7/4/21

The petition may be gaining momentum. Since it launched yesterday, it has 300+ signatures.

Please give the petition a share on social media to keep the momentum going.

Here is the link to share:

What is the end goal here?

Are we planning to show this petition to Ed Litton and demand that he step down? Of course not.

The goal is that each of us can show this petition to any seminary professors, pastors, or institutional leaders who will listen to us, so that they can see how many normal people are fed up with the lies.

Prominent leaders have been mostly silent about this blatant fraud. Their silence or shrug is far more dangerous than Ed Litton’s own pattern of dishonesty, because it shows that there is no moral fiber at all to be found in the leadership of the SBC.

For the most part, only those who are on their way out of leadership roles in the SBC have been willing to speak the truth about this matter. This is the chance for any remaining men of integrity within the SBC to show it — or for the common people of the SBC to learn that they have put weak men in positions of responsibility at all levels of their institutions.

When you sign this petition, you are saying, “The buck stops here. Litton may be a fraud, and you leaders might be frauds, but I will not help you fake reality. I will tell the truth about what is really happening, even if it means declaring you unfit for your job.”

When the common people are willing to say such a thing, they hold their immediate leaders accountable. With such accountability, leaders can be confident that they face two possible outcomes: Either they will represent their people faithfully and remain in their position, or they will not.

By such practices, we strengthen the resolve of our leaders. We give them clear boundaries and a foundation to do that which we require of them.


Show this petition to those who are not yet strong in their resolve. Help them understand that the moral fiber of the SBC itself is what is at stake.

They don’t need to sign the petition. But every SBC leader does need to affirm that Ed Litton must resign. When your SBC leader will publicly affirm this, you will have made a meaningful change in the world.

Source: Christian intellectual, Cody Libolt