Proposal For Removal of Confederate Monument From a Jacksonville Park Has Been Withdrawn

Jacksonville, Florida, Mayor Lenny Curry had requested $1.3 million to cover the costs of dismantling and removing the granite and bronze monument called “Tribute to the Women of the Southern Confederacy” from Springfield Park.

When the debate got heated, council President Sam Newby ordered the audience removed from the room. The council voted 12-6 to withdraw the motion.

Some 90 residents signed up for public comment over the issue. When they grew noisy in the council chambers, they were ordered out.

Northside Coalition President Ben Frazier said protesters are prepared to launch nonviolent civil disobedience actions, demonstrations at city-owned buildings and area shopping malls, and possibly boycotts if the monument isn’t removed.

Dozens of monument supporters wearing red shirts also attended the meeting. The groups briefly exchanged chants of “leave it up,” and “take ’em down” outside City Hall before the meeting.