Andrea Dos Anjos, an Evangelical Baptist, and a Host of Others Open Up Sex Shops for Brazil’s Evangelicals

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Sometimes, she disguises her merchandise as medication. Others, as a bakery delivery. Whatever the packaging, Andrea dos Anjos knows discretion is key when Brazil’s emerging Evangelical sex shops send erotic products to their clients.

Dos Anjos opened her online store, Memorias da Clo, in 2019, offering Evangelical women a safe space to ask questions and seek advice on products designed for a part of life that remains taboo for many conservative Christians in Brazil.

The 43-year-old Baptist is based in Rio de Janeiro, but counsels her clients mainly via private messaging app, like fellow pioneer Carolina Marques, who opened her own Evangelical sex shop — or “love store,” as she prefers to call it — a year ago.

Marques’s business, ConSensual, offers an online catalogue of “auxiliary products for relationships,” such as erotic toys and flavored lubricants — all tactfully presented, steering well clear of the wilder side of the sex-toy trade.

The idea, she says, is that clients “won’t have to rush to close their laptops” if someone walks in the room while they’re browsing her website.

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Source: France24