Many Have Believed for Years That Hell Is in the Center of the Earth; Well an International Team of Researchers Are Digging a Tunnel to Hell to Build First Ever Volcano Lab – Risking Mega Eruption

A daring project to drill a tunnel into the heart of an active volcano is underway—but could risk sparking a huge eruption, scientists have warned.

An international team of researchers are planning to dig a hole 1.2 miles deep into the molten rock of the Krafla volcano in northeastern Iceland.

They aren’t looking for ancient treasure like in Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, however.

The hope is to build the world’s first ever ‘magma observatory’, where they can observe molten rock as hot as 1,300 degrees celsius deep underground for the first time.

The research team believe they might find a new energy source and even develop an early warning system for eruptions around the world.

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Source: Daily Star