Group of Black Atlanta Businessmen Gift Local School’s Basketball Team with New Bus

For years WD Mohammed basketball coach Farad Abdurrahman knew he needed a better means to getting his players to and from their games than piling into cars and using Lyft and Uber.

“We had to get to the games, so I used to have my assistant coaches packing up the cars, most times we were in cars, and a few times we took Uber and Lyft but most times we pack them up in my minivans and two other people’s cars, a couple of parents and we drive them all around, and we have to play everywhere, so these are long rides,” said Abdurrahman.

Abdurrahman coaches at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta, a small Islamic school in East Atlanta that hosts K-12 students. The student population is around 120 students.

The basketball team is off to a good start, and Abdurrahman says some of his players are on the radar of Division 1 colleges, but despite the talent on the court, getting to the games was still a challenge.

Fortunately, assistant coach Gary Weems knows Atlanta philanthropist and entrepreneur Jason Lobdell, who is part of a group known as the Circle of CEOs.

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SOURCE: The Atlanta Black Star, Kavontae Smalls