Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ Tiktok Star Brother Jackson Is Hit With Anti-Homosexual Chants of ‘Ma-homo’ While Filming Dancing Clip on Sidelines of Broncos’ Game

The TikTok star brother of Kansas Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes was hit by anti-gay chants of ‘Ma-homo’ while filming a dancing clip at the sidelines of a recent game.

Jackson Mahomes, 21, was subjected to homophobic chants during Kansas City’s 28-24 victory over the Broncos in Denver, Colorado, on January 8.

In a video shared on Twitter, an unseen fan can be heard yelling twice, ‘Hey, Ma-homo, Ma-homo,’ while zooming the camera onto Jackson, who was standing on the sideline in a red Chiefs jacket in what appears to be a brief timeout.

He can be observed ignoring the slurs, while taking pictures of his brother’s fiancĂ©e, Brittany Matthews, who heard the anti-gay slurs and snapped, saying: ‘How rude.’

Afterwards, Jackson shared a clip of himself dancing on the sidelines of the game with his 990,000 TikTok followers, but the anti-gay slurs weren’t audible, and he made no comment on them.

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Source: Daily Mail