Mourners push 15 caskets through Bronx streets following worst fire in NYC for more than three decades: Woman collapses and is carried out of funeral service as community grieves for the 17 killed

More than two dozen men came together to push 15 caskets down Bronx streets on Sunday morning for the mass funeral of victims of the Bronx apartment building fire. Hundreds of community members, mainly in the Gambian community, came together for the service at the Islamic Community Center in Fordham Heights on Sunday for the mass funeral service, as many hundreds more lined up outside, where they peeked through windows or watched the service via livestream on jumbo screens. The funeral service was made public, as members of the community called for more investment and security in the Bronx. At one point during the service, two ambulances appeared outside as security tried to disperse the crowd so EMS officials could transport an apparently unconscious woman. Her identity and the condition she is in remain unknown.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail