MBBs Lead New Heart4Iran Outreach

The host of the new virtual Sunday School program, also an Iranian believer from a Muslim background, came to Christ through Heart4Iran’s Mohabat TV. (Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

Believers from a Muslim background, also known as Muslim-background believers or MBBs, lead a new initiative reaching Muslim families for Christ. In partnership with Superbook, Heart4Iran is launching a new virtual Sunday School program designed for families.

Register here for a January 28 webinar to learn more about this outreach.

Program Director Jennifer Shamoon says her passion for this work comes from experience. “Salvation [came] to our family through us (the children) going to Sunday school,” she says.

“I was seven years old, my sister was four years older than me; we were invited to Sunday school in Iran [at an] Assembly of God [church]. Back then, they gave us a small picture of each story, and we would bring it home and tell the story to my parents,” Shamoon says.

“It triggered a thirst (in my parents) to go and read Bible, and that brings salvation.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray the Lord helps all the necessary components come together so the new program can flourish.
  • Pray many Iranians will turn to Christ for salvation and place their faith in Him.