Daniel Whyte III Says Pastor Tavner Smith Should Resign From Venue Church Immediately So That Hopefully the Church Can Be Saved as Shocked Church Members Catch “Pastor” Tavner Smith in His Boxer Shorts With a Married Coworker (and Her Husband Happens to Be on Staff as Well) Wearing Nothing but a Towel and Then They Lie and Say to the Poor Church Members They Were “Cooking CHILI” for Hotdogs and the CHILI Had Splashed on Their Clothes. People, Do Not Laugh Too Hard About This Foolishness Because What Is So Sad About This Is That This Is the Tip of the Iceberg and This Kind of Demonic Foolishness Has Been Going on in the Church for Years Now and Now the Church is Being Rebuked and Chastised for it by Jesus Christ and That Is Why God Is Shutting Down Churches and Why You Can’t Comfortably Go to Your Church Building. And Mr. Tavner Smith, the Wife You Foolishly Left for This Other Man’s Wife Is One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World So We Don’t Know What Possessed You to Do This Foolishness.

A Tennessee megachurch pastor was discovered half-naked with a married co-worker by stunned worshippers – only to claim that they’d innocently been cooking chili, and had stripped down after accidentally spilling it.

Last November, volunteers at the Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, paid a surprise visit to Pastor Tavner Smith at his house – but discovered the pastor wearing only his boxers, with a married church employee in a towel.

The unnamed woman was married to another worker at Venue Church. Video circulating online is said to show the blonde woman – seen only from the rear – looking cozy with Smith, who divorced his wife last year, at a local restaurant.

Speaking of the chili incident, an unnamed worshipper told the Daily Beast: ‘I don’t think none of us was that dumb. If she dropped chili on her clothes, why are you in your boxers? Was y’all like, throwing chili at each other?’

Rumors of the pastor’s alleged affair had been swirling for months. One former church member told the Daily beast she had given Smith the benefit of the doubt for quite awhile.

The pastor, who started Venue church in a former Sam’s Club warehouse in 2012, was well-respected and made a good name for himself and his family. Multiple people who spoke to the Daily Beast credited the church with turning their life around.

But he is said to have begun to spend more time with the co-worker in 2020, and surprised worshippers by getting a tattoo, and a piercing.

As the rumors began to circulate, some church members began asking questions. One church member said she spoke to the the pastor and the church employee who was allegedly having an affair with, and they both denied having an affair.

But something still felt off, she said. Then she received a video from another church member. It showed smith and the female employee sitting together for a bit when it appears they go in for a kiss.

‘At that point we were just kind of like, ‘OK that’s the physical evidence,’ the former attendee told the Daily Beast. ‘That was the moment that we were like, ‘That’s what we needed.

Locals say Smith began preaching about relationship issues around the same time his own is said to have fallen apart.

His church is said to be so cult-like – with locals repeatedly pestered to join – that people who avoided it would joke ‘Don’t drink the orange Kool-Aid,’ a reference to the color of its logo.

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Source: Daily Mail