Joseph Mattera on Signs the Leaven of Herod Has Taken Root in Your Life

In Mark 8:15, Jesus warned the disciples about the leaven of Herod. He explained that the leaven of the Pharisees was hypocrisy but did not elaborate on the leaven of Herod. Since Herod was a political leader, I believe it is likely that the leaven Jesus was warning against was political entanglements. I believe that such entanglements often pollute a person’s pure devotion to the Kingdom of God.

By leaven, Jesus refers to a substance, like yeast, that causes dough to rise. In this article, I use it as a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it negatively. Since political maneuvers take place in every realm of life, including the sphere of religion, I will focus on political entanglements regarding the civic realm, the Church and Christians.

This kind of leaven is rarely spoken about in the Church. What occurred in the evangelical Church the past few years related to national politics justifies the need for the focus of this article. In my opinion, many in the evangelical Church have unwittingly succumbed to the leaven of Herod during this season by mixing their brand of politics with Christianity. As a result, their faith has been polluted.

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Source: Christian Post