Connecticut Man Arrested After Racist Rant and Meltdown at Smoothie Shop

Fairfield PD

A Connecticut man in a rage over the inadvertent use of peanuts in a smoothie went on a threatening, racist tirade against a shop’s young employees, leading to his arrest, Fairfield police said.

James Iannazzo, 48, of Fairfield, faces charges of intimidation based on bias, breach of peace and criminal trespass.

According to police, Iannazzo purchased a smoothie at Robeks on Black Rock Turnpike about 1 p.m. Saturday. Roughly 30 minutes later, police say he called 911 from his home for a child having an allergic reaction. The child was taken to a local hospital.

A few minutes later, Iannazzo returned to the Robeks location and, police say, yelled at employees and demanded to know who had caused his child to have an allergic reaction by putting peanuts in the smoothie.

When employees couldn’t answer, cops say Iannazzo became irate, yelling vulgarly, throwing a drink at one employee and questioning her immigration status. Cops say he was asked to leave and refused, even attempting to open a locked “Employees Only” door to get behind the store’s counter.

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