Black Corrections Officer Sues Walmart for Racial Profiling After He Was Wrongfully Accused of Shoplifting

The Walmart Supercenter in Fayetteville, Ga. is pictured in an image from Google Maps Street view on Nov. 2021. (Google Maps Street view)

A Black law enforcement officer is alleging that he was racially profiled in a Georgia Walmart store after he was handcuffed and wrongfully accused of shoplifting — and now he’s suing.

David Conners, a Clayton County corrections officer, said he was shopping for home decor when a Fayetteville Police Department officer stopped him in his tracks, saying employees believed he was a man with the last name “Wright” who had repeatedly stolen electronics from the store.

“He’s just in the store, minding his own business, when he’s approached by the police, and everything went downhill from there,” Terance Madden, an attorney for Conners, told ABC News in an interview.

According to the lawsuit, officers handcuffed him while investigating claims by Walmart employees that he was the serial shoplifter. Madden said a warrant already had been issued for that individual.

Conners gave the arresting officers two pieces of identification — one of which showed he was a local correction officer — but he was still taken to another room and held while officers investigated, the lawsuit said.

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SOURCE: ABC News, Kiara Alfonseca