Christian Author, M.J Andre, Releases New 3-in-1 Study Journal, Book, Maxims

Concept based on the works of Brother Lawrence believed to be first of its kind

TORONTO, Ont. – Author M.J. Andre today announced the release of his new 30-day Christian Study Journal, which also includes the book The Practice of the Presence of God and Brother Lawrence’s Spiritual Maxims.

“To follow Brother Lawrence’s example, we must learn that this does not mean we depend on ourselves, nor should we function on willpower alone,” author M.J. Andre explains. “I hope this project helps bring people to practice the presence of God just as Brother Lawrence did.” As one who recognizes that each reader comes at different stages in their relationship with the Lord, Andre’s words can both serve as starter blocks for one beginning their spiritual journey, as well as reminders and new advice for those further along.

In this three-in-one concept, Andre uses the book, The Practice of the Presence of God, as a foundation for both his and the reader’s spiritual journey in the form of a 30-day study journal. After each chapter, Andre not only shows the reader how he found how to practice the presence of God, but also asks questions for the reader to explore his or her own faith. The journal provides ample room for readers to record their own thoughts as they read and begin to develop their ability to practice. This takes the reader on his or her own journey to practice the presence of God. All the while, Andre is with the reader, explaining what to expect along the way and how to fully immerse oneself in the process.

Throughout the story, Andre assists the reader through the trials and tribulations of practicing the presence of God. The author notes that readers can only get there if they learn to depend on God through their union with Him and that in Him, nothing is impossible. He is careful to point out that this does not come without struggles, but it’s the struggles that bring personal growth. These experiences are outlined again by Andre’s own personal reflections in developing his own relationship with God.

Readers can get a preview of The Practice of the Presence of God: Study Journal on Amazon in both Kindle format, Hardcover and Paperback format.

About the author M.J. Andre

M.J. Andre is a Christian spiritual writer who has been trained by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness. There he said his heart was captured by His Redeemer. Andre believes that Christianity can be so adventurous and uplifting when one truly knows Him and grows in full spiritual maturity, embracing the full Gospel. Visit his website,, for more information on M.J. Andre including personal blog posts and additional writings.

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