Mary Hunt on Five Ways to Stop Impulsive Spending

Having just come through Holiday Spending Extravaganza 2013, otherwise known as Christmas in America, and getting dizzy by the pronouncements of how many billions of dollars we spent—I can’t help but think about what an impulsive shopper I am. It’s that momentary thrill of the impulse purchase, the destroyer of budgets. It’s in my DNA It’s who I am and trust me when I tell you that I fight it every day of my life.

Over the years, I’ve employed a bevy of counterattacks to deal with my impulsive nature. But honestly, stiletto pumps have never made my list.

Shop in heels. According to Brigham Young University researchers, balancing activities like wearing high heels could lead to wiser purchasing decisions.

How on earth could pinching your toes help you pinch pennies? The study concludes that being slightly off balance while making spending decisions—whether that is walking on high heels in a store or shopping online while tipping back in your chair and balancing on two legs—helps us to make more balanced choices.

Specifically, the research concludes that balance, “is metaphorically linked in the mind to the concept of parity,”—and our subconscious awareness of common metaphors has the power to influence our actions.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Mary Hunt