Dr. Oz Tells CBN News the USA Founded as a Judeo-Christian Country, Weighs in on 2020 Election, Puberty Blockers, and More

CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody spoke with Dr. Mehmet Oz about his bid for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat as the state’s voters choose the Republican and Democrat candidates in primary voting.

President Trump has endorsed Dr. Oz and that has given him a boost in his attempt to win the GOP Pennsylvania primary.

We all know Dr. Oz the TV personality, offering medical tips and lifestyle ideas. But who is Dr. Oz as a person, and where does he stand on hot button issues?

Dr. Oz on Religion

In a wide-ranging interview, the candidate opened up about his Muslim beliefs saying he’s married to a Christian and has Christian kids. “I’m a secular Muslim. I don’t want any of these religious fanatics playing a role in American society,” he explained.

He further clarified, “We don’t want Sharia Law in America.” Sharia law is a harsh brand of Islamic law that overrides any secular laws in countries and regions where Muslims practice it.

When Brody asked whether he believes America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, he answered bluntly, “Yes, of course, it is. That’s demonstrably true.”

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Source: CBN