Survey Says Nearly 40% of Gen Z Adults Believe Jesus Christ Was Not Sinless – Daniel Whyte III Says the Church as We Know It Today Has Failed God, Jesus Christ, the Family, the Nation, and the World

PHILADELPHIA (BP) — Nearly 40 percent of Generation Z believe Jesus was a human and sinned like other people when He lived on earth, the American Bible Society reveals in State of the Bible 2022.

The perception among Gen Z, polling at 38 percent, was comparable to other age groups, including Generation X, 37 percent; and millennials and boomers, 35 percent. Only the elderly polled significantly lower in believing Jesus sinned, at 26 percent. The numbers based on age groups do not address whether those polled identify as Christian or non-Christian.

Among the Scripture-engaged of all ages, only 18 percent believe Jesus was a sinner, the ABS said.

The findings are included in Chapter 2 of the 2022 report, in part focusing on how the Bible shapes ideas about spiritual things, specifically their perceptions of God, Jesus and Satan.

ABS expressed hope in finding that Gen Z registers high in curiosity about Jesus and/or the Bible, with 75 percent falling between a little curious (11 percent) and extremely curious (31 percent). One-fifth, 21 percent, said they were very curious and 13 percent said they were somewhat curious.

“Curiosity has been called “the most underrated tool of persuasion. If that’s true, then Christians are well-positioned to share God’s message with their neighbors because curiosity is trending higher,” ABS said, gauging curiosity about who Jesus is and what the Bible says. “It cuts across all generations. The Elder generation leads all age groups at 87 percent curiosity.”

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Source: Kentucky Today