How Do You End a Motivational Letter?

When applying to the university, a well-written motivation letter is half the battle. It will demonstrate the strengths of the candidate and make the admission committee interested in such a student.

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The purpose of writing a motivational letter

This letter is designed to demonstrate your motivation, determination, and readiness to succeed. It should convince the admissions committee that you have the potential to grow and are the right candidate for an institution, course, or program. Motivation letters have to be written when applying for university admission, qualifying for participation in the Erasmus program, or seeking a job.

Mistakes to avoid when writing a motivation letter

The most common shortcomings found in cover letters are the following:

  • One content for all universities. Each university has its distinctive features, which you need to consider before applying. Take your time and create unique texts for each institution.
  • Duplication of information. Do not get hung up on one of your strong points, and do not repeat what you have already written in your resume. Try to show different sides of your personality.
  • Boring text. Work on presenting the information in an interesting way. A text that catches attention is more memorable.
  • Lack of structure. A well-structured text is easier to understand. When members of the admissions committee cannot follow your thought, they lose interest. Pay attention to the formal requirements of the university when writing a letter (font, size, line spacing).
  • Lie. Make sure everything you are writing is true. It will be embarrassing if an interview reveals that you have appropriated someone else’s achievements.
  • Excessive word count. A letter that is too long can wear the commission down.

How to write a conclusion

In this part, summarize why you are the ideal candidate based on your plans and expectations. There is no need to flatter the university or specific teachers – it is enough to show your sincere desire to study here.

Emphasize those aspects of the program that you think can help you become an excellent specialist. Your motivation letter should convince the university that you will contribute to its development because every educational institution hopes that its graduates will become highly qualified specialists and bring fame to the university.

You should not start a new story at the end of the letter, but you can thank the commission for the time spent reading your essay.

So, your motivation letter for university admission should include:

  • reasons for choosing exactly this specialty, university, and program;
  • your scientific interests and research topics you find exciting;
  • experience, achievements, and personal qualities that will make you an ideal candidate;
  • plans on the implementation of the acquired knowledge and experience.

Check formatting requirements for motivational letters on the university website before submitting the paper. If you face some difficulties, specialists from EssayEdge are always ready to help you in creating the perfect paper and achieving your goal.