Putin’s Space Agency Chief Warns New Satan-2 Hypersonic Nuke Can ‘Demolish Half the Coast of a Continent’ if Russia Does Not Like Its ‘Aggressive Policy’ and Says the Weapon Will Be Ready for Use in Autumn

Russia’s new Satan-2 hypersonic nuclear missile can demolish ‘half the coast of a continent’, schoolchildren and students have been told by a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

The latest threat to unleash atomic weapons on the West was made by Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

He showed videos of multiple Russian strategic rockets at a ‘federal educational marathon’ called ‘New Horizons’, culminating in outlining the capability of the big beast Sarmat, also known as Satan-2, an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking targets at 15,880mph.

‘Here you see the test launches of our missiles,’ he boasted.

‘The smallest are shown on Red Square parades… The largest will not fit on Red Square, as they are too big.’

He told his young audience: ‘Now you can see [on video] Topol, Yars, submarine missile Bulava … and finally Sarmat…

‘Such a missile [Sarmat] can demolish half of the coast of some large continent, which we may not like due to its aggressive policy.’

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Source: Daily Mail