British Mother Reveals She is Raising Her Biological Son and Adopted Twins as Triplets

“The Dougherty Dozen” has 10 children — with the adopted twins and Alicia’s biological son both being in the second grade. / @doughertydozen

A mom of 10 told how she is raising her biological son and his twin brothers as triplets – and if you say they aren’t the little lads will “tear you apart.”

Alicia Dougherty, the matriarch of the Dougherty Dozen, left people smiling when she shared the news on her TikTok page – largely because the youngsters are different races and heights.

The boys are all the same age and are all in second grade which is year three in the UK.

And we couldn’t imagine three prouder siblings.

Alicia, who adopted six children and gave birth to four, was responding to a person who had queried her “triplets.”

Alicia Dougherty said she is raising her biological son and his twin brothers as triplets. / @doughertydozen

She said: “Our adopted twins and biological son are all born in 2014 and in second grade and have been raised as triplets most of their lives.”

She added: “Don’t tell them they’re not triplets or they will tear you apart.”

People were quick to praise Alicia and the boys who look utterly devoted to each other.

“Doesn’t matter about the skin color you can see how much love they have for each other… triplets for life,” said one person.

“Look how proud they are!” added another. “Such beautiful triplets!”

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SOURCE: New York Post; The Sun, Anna Roberts