Student Loan Forgiveness Could be Around the Corner. Here’s What You Can Do While You Wait.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden said that he was in the process of considering whether to forgive student debt, and that he’d have an answer in the next couple of weeks.

Those weeks have passed and millions of borrowers are on edge — though they might not be for much longer.

“Biden is meeting this week with policymakers who have been advocating for loan forgiveness,” said higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz. “An announcement may be imminent.”

Here are steps you can take while you wait for more news.

Contact your lender

Because of the pandemic-era payment pause on student loan bills, most borrowers haven’t made a payment in more than two years. Now the bills are set to arrive in mailboxes again in September.

Even if some student debt is forgiven, you could still have a balance and you’ll want to check your loan account. They’ll be many things to find out: Did you get the relief to which your entitled? If you have a lower tab, what is it?

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SOURCE: CNBC, Annie Nova