Here we go: There’s a devil loose – Homosexual man beats up homosexual “boyfriend” after catching him trying to have sex with their dog – People, as society continues to accept homosexuality the gates of hell to other ‘beyond the pail’ sins are wide open

Upon discovering his boyfriend “humping” their dog, a Florida Man was beaten and threatened with a knife by his beau, police allege. Continue reading “Here we go: There’s a devil loose – Homosexual man beats up homosexual “boyfriend” after catching him trying to have sex with their dog – People, as society continues to accept homosexuality the gates of hell to other ‘beyond the pail’ sins are wide open”

Here We Go: “Woke” Smith College student demands prestigious university installs tampon and sanitary pad dispensers in all MEN’S bathrooms so ‘those with uteruses’ can access the products they need

Today, a student urged women-only Smith College to put pads and tampons in ALL of its toilets for ‘those with uteruses’ rather than ‘adopting an attitude toward menstruation… for cisgender men.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

Here We Go: Transgender woman accuses TSA of being ‘transphobic’ while detailing the ‘horror’ she faced at airport security, saying she has an ‘anomaly’ between her legs that ‘sets off the alarm’

Rosalynne Montoya, who uses the pronouns she/her or they/them, was flying from Phoenix to Los Angeles when she was stopped at TSA security. The Arizona resident said the scanner detected an ‘anomaly’ between her legs. When a traveler enters the scanner, a TSA officer presses a button designating a gender, either male or female, based on the traveler’s appearance. The system doesn’t account for transgender people, which makes traveling incredibly difficult for members of the trans community. Montoya told the TSA officer she was trans and offered to be pat down, but she was asked if she wanted to go through the male scanner instead. She said she didn’t want to, but she agreed, and her breasts set off the alarm. The TSA officer then asked if she wanted to be pat down as a man. Montoya said she felt misgendered and disrespected, insisting that ‘TSA needs to remove the gender settings from their scanners.’

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SOURCE: Mail Online

Two women start massive brawl on American Airlines flight from LA to Phoenix after arguing about who would get off first

Two American Airlines passengers got into a squabble that turned physical over who would deplane from their flight that had just landed in Phoenix, Arizona. Clips showed the quick aftermath of the physical altercation that took place as the plane sat in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport after the brief flight from Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday. Multiple people who shared videos noted that they almost missed their connecting flight while waiting for the commotion to settle. One woman on Twitter even admitted to having an ‘anxiety attack after witnessing this.’ In one clip, passengers on the plane can be heard asking why one woman is fighting with another person. An occasional shove and push can be seen as people try to separate the group.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

Here we go: Inside the Dangerous World of Backstreet Castrators, Cutters and Eunuch-Makers

In 2018, William, a thoughtful, handsome guy in his late twenties with an eye for design and architecture, took a train up from his home in Baltimore to New York to meet a man he’d been chatting with online for a few months. They had dinner, checked into a hotel near Times Square with a nice view of the Hudson River, and got all showered up and clean. Then, the man placed a restrictive band around William’s genitals and injected them with lidocaine. Once William was fully numb, the man sliced open his scrotum, cut off one of his testicles, and cauterized the testicular artery. He would have cut out William’s remaining testicle as well, but his cauterizing tool died. So, he sutured William up instead.

This is not a horror story of an internet date gone Lifetime original movie-level wrong. The man William met was a cutter, someone who does underground surgeries on people who want to modify or remove part or all of their genitals. He had, to William’s knowledge, cut off over a dozen men’s testicles by that point, with few if any complications. William, who learned at 17 that he was born with XXY chromosomes and has intersex characteristics, identifies as a gender neutrois male, a non-binary identity, and uses he/him pronouns. He wanted this cutter to help him start a physical transition to align his body with this identity, a process he hopes will eventually leave him with a fully smooth groin.

Cutters have made sensationalist headlines on and off over the last 20 years, usually when people who sought them out turn up bloody in emergency rooms and lead authorities back to the sites of their underground operations. Just a couple of months ago, police in rural Oklahoma arrested two men for allegedly performing surgery without a license on a 28-year-old who nearly bled out during a testicle removal in their remote cabin. These stories are often chock-full of sensationalist details of alleged sadomasochist torture, jars of preserved gonads, and cannibalistic inclinations. They paint cutters as splatter movie villains—as rare psychopaths preying on vulnerable youths.

But the world of cutters, and the people who seek them out, is far more expansive and complex than that image lets on. If you know where to look—on a few select castration-focused forums like Eunuch Maker, and within some private encrypted messaging channels, for example—you can find a fair number of cutters active across the globe. Based on his own hunt for a cutter, William estimates “that there are at least a few in each state” in the U.S. alone. Many appear to fly under the radar of law enforcement officials in part because a fair number of their operations are at least successful enough to avoid the sorts of shitshows that make the news, and in part because when things do go wrong their clients make up cover stories for their injuries.

Some even continue to patronize cutters after mishaps—like William. His scrotum became infected after his hotel surgery, landing him in an emergency room on antibiotics. Yet within a matter of weeks, he went back to the same cutter to try to get his remaining testicle removed.

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Source: Daily Beast

Here We Go: 35-year-old Georgia woman marries HERSELF after breaking up with her boyfriend four months before her dream wedding date – and even seals the union by kissing her own reflection in a mirror

Meg Taylor Morrison, from Atlanta, Georgia, broke up with her boyfriend in June 2020 – dashing her dream of tying the knot on Halloween of that year. She decided to go ahead with her wedding, which took place in Denver, Colorado, as an ‘act of self-love’. Like many brides, Meg went all out with her preparation for the ceremony and spent months getting ready for her big day. She ordered a custom-made wedding cake, chose the perfect dress and picked out a diamond ring for herself. On the day itself, the life and business coach said vows to herself while looking in a mirror, and then kissed her reflection.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

Virginia reports record number of new cases

WASHINGTON – District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, said Monday that the city is “back on track” to move toward a gradual reopening after seeing a slight spike in new cases over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Virginia reported a record number of new cases – mostly in the Washington suburbs – but the area’s leaders said they are planning for a transition to Phase 1 of reopening starting at the end of the week.

Bowser said she would wait until Wednesday to decide whether to move Friday to Phase 1 of the city’s reopening. She said she wants to see 14 days of declining community spread – calculated by the date of symptom onset and excluding cases at confined facilities such as nursing homes – before she makes a decision. The city “reset” to Day 11 of declines after an increase over the weekend. Bowser said officials again saw a decline in cases Monday that put D.C. at Day 12 on the downward trend.

“We lost some progress over the weekend,” Bowser told NBC4 Washington on Monday. “We’re continuing to ask people to stay at home, to wash their hands, to avoid large gatherings – try not to go to go to parties or barbecues and continue to social distance. What we know is that this virus is still circulating in our region.”

The D.C. Health Department reported Monday that there were 115 new positive cases, bringing the total to 8,225. D.C. also reported eight covid-19-related deaths, all among residents in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

Bowser said the city remains on track to have the contact tracers and testing needed to meet its goals in those categories. She had planned to make an announcement Tuesday on the timing of the reopening and what it would include.

Virginia reported a record 1,483 new cases Monday – which topped the previous high of 1,229 new cases on May 21. The bulk of the new cases were in northern Virginia, with Fairfax County reporting 493, Prince William County reporting 234, and Loudoun County reporting 226 new cases.

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Source: The Telegraph

There’s a Devil Loose: ‘My Mom Paid £15,000 for My Dream Wedding… Then Had a Baby with My Husband Nine Months Later’: Daughter, 34, Tells How She Can Never Forgive Her 53-Year-Old Mother After Ultimate Betrayal and Heartbreak at Seeing Her Marry Ex, 35

Lauren Wall (pictured left), who’s now 34, and from Twickenham, south-west London married airport worker Paul White when she was just 19. Her mum Julie (pictured right with Paul), who is now 53, paid for a £15,000 wedding and grateful Lauren took her along on her two-week honeymoon to Devon. Eight weeks later, husband Paul moved out leaving Lauren and their seven-month-old daughter and nine months later, her mother Julie gave birth to Paul’s child announcing they were together. Julie, who works in child services, remains married to her former son-in-law who’s now 35.

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SOURCE: Mail Online