President Biden, Go Save Those 17 Missionaries and Children in Haiti by Any Means Necessary as Gang Leader ‘Death Without Days’ Threatens to Kill 17 Missionaries Unless Ransom Is Paid: He Says, ‘I Will Put a Bullet in the Heads of These Americans’

The leader of the Haitian gang that kidnapped 17 missionaries is threatening to kill them if he doesn’t receive a ransom of up to $1 million for each person.

‘I swear by thunder that if I don’t get what m asking for, I will put a bullet in the heads of these Americans,’ 400 Mawozo leader Wilson Joseph said in a video posted to social media Thursday.

Joseph – who goes by the alias Lanmò San Jou or ‘Death Without Days’ – issued the threat as he stood in front of open coffins apparently holding several members of his gang who were recently killed.

Although he has formally issued his ransom demands to the country chief of Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries, the nonprofit ministry affiliated with the group, he has yet to issue a deadline for the payment.

The 17 American and Canadian missionaries and their families were forced out of a bus at gunpoint after visiting an orphanage on Saturday in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince and taken captive.

It remains unclear if Joseph’s $1 million per person demand includes the five children in the group, among them an 8-month-old.

The gang leader also threatened Prime Minister Ariel Henry and the chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles, in his Thursday address.

‘You guys make me cry. I cry water. But I’m going to make you guys cry blood,’ Joseph said, referencing the deceased members of 400 Mawozo.

Neither Henry or Charles have publicly addressed the threat.

Weston Showalter, spokesman for Christian Aid Ministries, held a news conference Thursday before the video surfaced.

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Source: Daily Mail

Texas School District Bans Boys From Wearing Long Hair; Students Sue. 1 Corinthians 11:14 says, “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?”

School officials in Texas forced a 9-year-old boy to serve an in-school suspension for a month, deprived him of recess and normal lunch breaks, and banished him from campus to an alternative school — all to pressure the fourth-grader into getting a haircut, a new lawsuit says.

Still, the boy refused to obey what he believes is an unjust school policy that bans boys from having long hair.

The boy, identified as A.C. in court documents, is one of seven students suing a Texas school district for what they call a discriminatory policy that requires boys to wear short hair. The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas filed the federal lawsuit Thursday on the students’ behalf against the Magnolia Independent School District, which serves some 13,000 students about 40 miles northwest of Houston.

The students, aged 7 to 17, allege that the district’s policy prohibiting boys from wearing long hair is based on gender stereotypes that violate the Constitution. They say administrators apply it unevenly, allowing some boys to wear long hair that violates the district’s grooming standards while punishing others. Those suing the district said that punishment has caused them “immense and irreparable harm.”

“We have warned the district repeatedly that its gender-based hair policy violates the Constitution, but the district continues to derail students’ lives and deny their right to a public education free from discrimination,” Brian Klosterboer, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Texas, said in a statement provided to The Washington Post.

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Queen Elizabeth II Spends a Night in London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital and Undergoes ‘Preliminary’ Tests After Sudden Cancellation of Visit to Northern Ireland. In Recent Messages to Queen Elizabeth II, Daniel Whyte III Has Been Basically Telling Her to Get Your House in Order as the Prophet Isaiah Told King Hezekiah. Here Are the Recent Articles:

The Queen spent the night in hospital for tests just hours after dramatically cancelling an official trip to Northern Ireland to mark the 100th anniversary of the partition of the island.

Royal doctors ordered Her Majesty, 95, to rest and advised her to miss a trip to the province, sparking speculation about the reason for the eleventh-hour cancellation.

It is understood the trip to the private King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on Wednesday afternoon was expected to be for some ‘preliminary investigations’, and that the overnight stay was for practical reasons. For these reasons, as well as in order to protect the Queen’s medical privacy, the visit was not announced by Buckingham Palace at the time.

The Palace said that the monarch was discharged yesterday morning and returned to Windsor Castle at lunchtime, where she is expected to recuperate for the rest of the week. She was not thought to have had an overnight hospital stay since March 2013, when she was treated for a stomach bug.

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Daniel Whyte III Tells Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Here’s Your Next Queen Right Here, Kate Middleton, Who by the Way Represents the Monarchy and You Better Than the Rest of the Royals Combined. For Your Kingdom’s Sake, Skip Charles and Camilla. Neither Are Worthy of Your Throne and Crown Which You Have Carried With Great Dignity.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked radiant in a bold red ensemble as she joined TV presenting duo Ant and Dec at an addiction awareness event in London.

Kate, 39, donned a pleated scarlet midi skirt and a matching fitted turtleneck for the engagement at the BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly, accessorising with towering Ralph Lauren point toe pumps and a £295 micro-handbag from DeMellier.

The event, hosted by drug and alcohol dependence charity the Forward Trust, was hosted by Ant and Dec and saw the Duchess deliver a keynote address in which she said ‘anyone’ can become an addict.

‘Addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become an addict. But it can happen to any one of us. None of us are immune,’ Kate said, launching the charity’s ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ campaign.

‘Yet it’s all too rarely discussed as a serious mental health condition. And seldom do we take the time to uncover and fully understand its fundamental root causes.’

Ant, who has received treatment for drink and drug addiction, was supported at the event by his wife, Anne-Marie Corbett. Dec attended with his wife Ali Astall.

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Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Tells Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, if You Want to Extend Your Kingdom at Least a “Little Bit” Further, You Would Be Wise to Make Prince William King and Not Prince Charles, for as You Know Queen Elizabeth, the Former Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie Said the Advent of King Charles III Would Provoke a Constitutional Crisis Because the Church of England Has Never Crowned a Divorced Man as King, and Therefore SUPREME GOVERNOR OF THE CHURCH OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Let Alone One Who Has Publicly Committed Adultery and Publicly Confessed to Adultery With the Relevant Woman, Camilla Parker Bowles, Who Is Also a Divorcee, Sitting Beside Him, Expecting to Be Crowned Queen (Now, Queen Elizabeth, You Know in Your Heart That Camilla Parker-Bowles Is Not Worthy of Being Called Queen. She Is a Disrespectful Untrustworthy Whore. And You Know That Your Son Charles Is Not Worthy of Being Called King. He Is a Disrespectful Untrustworthy Whoremonger, and Nobody Is Going to Follow Them, for as You Know Queen, One of the Reasons Why You Have Authority and You Are Honored and Respected by People Around the World Is Because You Married One Man and Stayed With Him Until Death Did You Part, and Without Much Drama. Excuse the Expression Queen Elizabeth, but These Two Are a Damn Disaster That Has Already Happened). Besides, Prince William Has Shown Some Kingly Testicular Fortitude This Past Week by Rebuking Billionaires for Their Foolishness of Repeatedly Going Up Into Space for a Joyride and Telling Them That They Need to Use Their Billions to Take Care of Earth First. Your Grandson William Said What Most Common People Have Been Thinking All Along and That Wise Rebuke Against Some of the Most Powerful Men in the World Shows That William Ought to Be King and Not Charles. Queen, I Think This Might Be a God Moment of Decision for You. And Queen, as I Have Shared With Thousands of People Through My Preaching Around the World, Divorce and Remarriage Is a Violation of God’s Word and the Words of Jesus Christ Himself and Letting Divorced and Remarried People Into the Church as Members, Not to Mention King and Queen Over the Church, Opens the Door for Homosexuals and Lesbians and So-called Same-sex Marriage Couples Which Is All an Abomination in God’s Sight as You Well Know Queen Elizabeth. This Opens the Door for Homosexuals and Lesbians to Enter the Church as Members, Because These People Will Tell the So-called Church Leaders That You Have No Authority to Keep Us Out of the Church as Members Because the Bishops and Priests and the King and Queen Have Not Obeyed God’s Word in Both the Old Testament and New Testament by Allowing Divorce and Remarriage and by Being Divorced and Remarried Themselves in the Worst Possible Way. That Being Said, You Need to Make Clear Before You Leave This Earth to Meet Your Maker That Homosexuals Cannot Be Members of the Church (They Can Visit the Church, but They Cannot Become Members, and Therefore They Cannot Be Married in the Church) and You Need to Make It Clear That No Bishop or Priest Can Be a Homosexual or a Lesbian and No Homosexual or Lesbian Can Sit on the Throne of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth, if You Do Not Do These Things, Along With the Other Things I Have Told You to Do, After You Die, Your Kingdom Will Disintegrate to Nothing. As in the Case of King Belshazzar, Who Was the Son of King Nebuchadnezzar, the Handwriting Is on the Wall, and “God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.” Queen Elizabeth, Do Not Be the Monarch Who Destroys the One Thousand, Two Hundred (1,200)-Year United Kingdom Because of Gross Sin, Abominable Behaviour, and Immorality. “Dieu Et Mon Droit.” This Is Your Kingdom’s Motto Which Means “God and My Right.”.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, had told Anthony Holden – at the time, of course, unattributably – that the advent of King Charles III would provoke a constitutional crisis.

How so?

The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man as King, and so supreme governor of the Church, let alone one who has publicly confessed to adultery – with the relevant woman, also a divorcee, sitting beside him, expecting (whatever the Palace may say in the meantime) to be crowned Queen.

This, said Runcie, would require a revision of the Coronation Oath, which in turn would require a new statute of Parliament.

Given the convention that Parliament does not debate the Monarchy without the Monarch’s consent – it is his or her Government, after all, not ours – this would require the Prime Minister of the day to go and seek the new King Charles III’s permission to debate whether or not it felt able to crown him.

All that is yet to come, and who knows where we will find ourselves by then.

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President Biden Unwisely Doubles Down and Says Police and Emergency Responders Should Be Fired for Not Getting the Vaccine and Mocks People Who Use ‘freedom’ as a Defense for Refusing a Shot

President Joe Biden said police officers and emergency workers who refuse COVID-19 vaccination should stay home or be fired, as he answered questions during a CNN town hall on Thursday evening.

‘Yes and yes,’ he said to a thunderous round of applause.

‘By the way, I waited until July, to talk about mandating, because I tried everything else possible.

‘Mandates are working.’

Biden traveled to Baltimore for the town hall, where he delivered his most wide-ranging update yet on talks to break the deadlock on his mammoth social spending plans.

His $3.4 trillion program and a smaller infrastructure plan are held up amid divisions between centrists and progressives.

In a headline-packed 90 minutes, he said he was dropping proposals to pay for the spending with a corporate tax hike, that he was considering sending in the National Guard to ease supply chain problems, and would defend Taiwan if it was attacked.

But he also defended his stance on vaccine mandates in uncompromising terms.

The U.S. has lagged behind other wealthy nations in vaccinating people against COVID-19.

A series of mandates for federal workers and for companies with more than 100 staff triggered angry protests and reports of people being fired or resigning in protest.

‘Two things that concern me,’ he said. ‘One, are those who just try to make this a political issue – freedom. “I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.”

‘Come on.’

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Alec Baldwin Accidentally Shoots and Kills Cinematographer With a Prop Gun and Wounds Film’s Director in Tragedy on New Mexico Set of His New Western Movie Rust

Alec Baldwin has shot and killed a cinematographer on the set of the upcoming Western movie Rust, after a prop firearm he was using for a scene discharged in a tragic accident.

Director of Photography Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot dead in the incident on Thursday at the Bonanza Creek Ranch movie set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where writer-director Joel Souza, 48, was also injured.

Baldwin, 68, was confirmed as the individual who fired the prop gun, which somehow unintentionally launched a projectile or projectiles at the crew members, in a statement from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office.

The actor was seen in tears outside the sheriff’s office following Hutchins’ tragic death, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

He is a co-producer on the film, in which he plays infamous outlaw Rust, whose 13-year-old grandson is convicted of an accidental murder.

It was not immediately clear whether the prop gun that killed Hutchins was somehow loaded with real bullets, or if the gunpowder used in theatrical blank cartridges may have launched debris of some kind from the barrel.

Representatives for Baldwin, Souza, and Rust’s executive producer did not immediately respond to inquiries from late on Thursday.

Hutchins’ devastated friends were too distraught to talk, but Ariel Vida, a production designer who worked with the director of photography on 2020 film Archenemy confirmed her death to, tearfully adding: ‘I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this right now.’

No criminal charges have been filed, but police said that a criminal investigation into the incident is currently active to determine the circumstances of Hutchins’ death.

‘According to investigators, it appears that the scene being filmed involved the use of a prop firearm when it was discharged,’ sheriff’s spokesman Juan Rios said in a statement. ‘Detectives are investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged.’

‘The incident remains an active investigation. As more information becomes available, updates will be provided,’ he added.

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Sad: Even the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Rebukes the ‘Monstrous’ West for Teaching Children They Can Change Their Gender, Saying It Is ‘close to a Crime Against Humanity’

Vladimir Putin has claimed it is ‘monstrous’ that Western children are taught that they can change their gender.

The Russian President, speaking in Sochi, said it is ‘close to a crime against humanity’ for young boys and girls to learn about becoming transgender.

The Kremlin leader said: ‘It is terrible when children in the West are taught the idea that a boy can become a girl.’

Putin has regularly faced criticism for his crackdown on the LGBT community in Russia where same-sex marriage and ‘gay propaganda’ is banned.

The president also claimed there is a risk of ruining the lives of a generation of children.

He said: ‘(It is a) simply monstrous moment when children are pushed to believe from early on that a boy can easily become a girl, and vice versa.

‘They are pushed to believe they have a choice, imposed while parents are swept aside.

‘And a child is forced to make a decision that can break their life.’

He complained that ‘no-one even consults child psychologists on whether a child of a certain age is able to make these kind of decisions.

‘Calling a spade a spade, this is close to a crime against humanity dressed up in the name and under the flag of progress.’

He was speaking to the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia, and his remarks appeared to be pre-prepared rather than off the cuff.

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Skeletal human remains found in Florida swamp DO belong to Brian Laundrie: Police visit his parents at their home moments before FBI reveals dental records have confirmed body belongs to Gabby Petito’s fiancé

Human remains found in a Florida swamp belong to Brian Laundrie, the FBI have confirmed. The Bureau’s Denver office said Thursday that a dental comparison on the skeletal remains confirmed they were those of Laundrie, missing from his home in North Port, Florida, since mid-September. Laundrie’s parents have been informed that their son’s body had been found. Their statement said: ‘On October 2021, a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains found at the T Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park are those of Brian Laundrie.’ Laundrie family lawyer Steve Bertolino issued a statement after the news was revealed, saying: ‘Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the remains found yesterday in the reserve are indeed Brian’s. We have no further comment at this time and we ask that you respect the Laundries’ privacy at this time.’

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U.S. lawmakers urge speedy action on U.S semiconductor chip funding

WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – A bipartisan group of 38 U.S. House lawmakers on Thursday urged leaders in Congress to immediately set a path to advance legislation providing $52 billion for U.S. semiconductor production including $2 billion in support for chips used by the automotive industry.

The U.S. Senate voted 68-32 in June to approve a sweeping package of legislation intended to boost the country’s ability to compete with Chinese technology, including providing $52 billion for chips, but the measure has stalled in the House.

The House lawmakers in a letter warned of the “dire consequences the automotive industry as a whole – and the nation – faces if we fail to advance legislation soon.”

Automakers around the world have cut production dramatically because of the shortage in supply of semiconductor chips. The Senate bill includes $2 billion in funding dedicated to the type of chips automakers use.

The letter is spearheaded by U.S. Representatives Debbie Dingell and Fred Upton of Michigan. Dingell is a Democrat and Upton a Republican. The letter said the “ongoing semiconductor shortage is hurting the automotive industry, American workers, and our nation’s competitiveness by the hour.”

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Source: Reuters

U.S. regulators to unveil blueprint to tackle financial climate risks

WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – A top U.S. regulatory panel is scheduled on Thursday to unveil recommendations for ensuring the financial system can withstand risks created by climate change, a development that could ultimately lead to new rules and stricter oversight for Wall Street.

The report by the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), which comprises the heads of the top financial agencies and is chaired by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is part of President Joe Biden’s plan to aggressively tackle climate change and will be released ahead of his trip to Glasgow, Scotland, for a United Nations climate summit.

While the report is unlikely to mandate specific rule changes, it is expected to provide a roadmap for integrating climate risk management into the everyday fabric of the financial regulatory system.

With Biden’s climate agenda stalling in a divided Congress, the report will also send a signal to the rest of the world that the United States is serious about tackling systemic climate risks.

“This is the first time that all of the banking and financial regulators will come out in one document and talk about what they can do on climate change,” said Todd Phillips, director of financial regulation at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think-tank.

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