Craig Melvin Says His Relationship with His Children Motivated Him to Reconcile with His Own Father

Motivation comes in many forms, and for the Today co-host Craig Melvin, it came in the form of his relationship with his children. Melvin recently shared that his quest to be a better dad to his children, Delano, 8, and Sybil, 5, motivated Melvin to reconcile with his father. He talks about all of this in his book, Pops. Continue reading “Craig Melvin Says His Relationship with His Children Motivated Him to Reconcile with His Own Father”

J. Bernard Taylor and Beulah Lee Taylor Share Experiences with God in “Look at God! Ain’t He Awesome?”

The Bible says in Psalm 40:3-5, “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” In this book, Rev. Dr. J. Bernard Taylor and his wife Beulah Lee Taylor praise and declare the mighty works of God as they share the enthralling and awesome experiences of God that she has witnessed and been involved in, including answered prayer and miraculous healings. Whenever Beulah Lee Taylor witnesses or experiences an act of God, she says, “Look at God! Ain’t He awesome?”, hence the title of this book.

From Jacob’s ladder at Bethel to Moses and the burning bush, from the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the conversion of Paul, the Bible is filled with awesome experiences with God. Outside of the Bible, we find the testimonies of Christians such as John Newton and William Cowper, who attest to the working of God in their lives. Throughout the accounts contained in this book, you will find Beulah Lee Taylor’s encounters with the awesome experiences that God has worked in her life and the lives of others. It is the hope of the authors that those who read this will be inspired to let God move in their lives according to His awesome will.

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About the Authors

Beulah Taylor and her husband, Rev. Dr. J. Bernard Taylor, live in Westland, Michigan. He is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a retired minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and a 98-year-old veteran of World War II and the D-Day invasion. He has served churches in Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Michigan. He holds a D.Min. degree from Palmer Seminary. Beulah is a retired entrepreneur, a parent, and a grandmother. Dr. Taylor is also the author of Looks to Lift the Spirit and Believing in God and Acting as if He Exists.

Living Set Free And Apart From Sexual Sin

Alisha’s Testimony, is a new memoir written by author, Alisha L. Boykin that can start you on a healthy journey of healing in Jesus name!

Followers of Christ know that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy through any form of sin you are part-taking in.

This inspirational Christian memoir chronicles spiritual encounters with demons, encounters with Jesus Christ, the testimony of turning away from sexual sin, asking for forgiveness and asking God to direct one’s path. 

Alisha hopes those who are believers in Jesus Christ or who want to believe in Him will learn from her mistakes. If you are living the sinful path she speaks about, she prays her past sins will encourage you to turn away from your current lifestyle and seek Jesus Christ because he can renew you like he did Alisha.

Alisha’s Testimony is published by Palmetto Publishing
Published 10/20/2021
Available online:

This is Alisha’s first published book; she has a BA in mass media communication with a minor in business management and a MA in adult education and training. She is the founder of AB Signing Agency, LLC, and has written for local publications such as The Source Magazine based out of Dayton, Ohio. She blogs at

For immediate release

If you would like to schedule an interview or book signing with Alisha, please email her at and you can find her on IG:

James Patterson Criticized for Saying ‘White Older Male Writers’ Aren’t Getting Hired Due to ‘Another Form of Racism’

The 75-year-old novelist’s first autobiography, “James Patterson” by James Patterson, hit bookstores on June 6, 2022. / FilmMagic

Writers who look like James Patterson are having a tough go of it, the 75-year-old author has claimed. Continue reading “James Patterson Criticized for Saying ‘White Older Male Writers’ Aren’t Getting Hired Due to ‘Another Form of Racism’”

Atlanta Professor Zakiya Akerele Encourages Students to Think Twice Before Committing to College

Photo: Dr. Zakia Akerele

Zakiya Akerele Ph.D. is an Atlanta-based educator, author and speaker who is on a mission to let people know that four-year college isn’t the only path to success. Her book, “Dump Your Degree: How to Repurpose Your Education, Control Your Career, and Gain Financial Freedom,” is intended to be a resource for people looking for guidance on navigating the educational landscape in a way that will prepare them for the career they want. We spoke with Dr. Akerele about why she felt her book was necessary and why a person with four degrees of her own would tell someone that they don’t need to go to college. Continue reading “Atlanta Professor Zakiya Akerele Encourages Students to Think Twice Before Committing to College”

New Book “African Founders” Explores the Black People Who Helped Shape and Build the United States

Historian David Hackett Fischer, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington’s Crossing, has been writing history books since 1965, and his latest, African Founders: How Enslaved People Expanded American Ideals, is an encyclopedia of enslaved people’s experiences in the United States from the 17th century to the 19th century. Continue reading “New Book “African Founders” Explores the Black People Who Helped Shape and Build the United States”

Christian Aid Worker Recalls His 66-Day Abduction by Islamic Militants in New Book “Kidnapped in Iraq”

Image of ‘Kidnapped in Iraq’ cover | Sophia Institute Publishing

A French former Catholic school teacher has opened up about the torturous conditions he faced while being held hostage by Islamic militants for two months while serving a Christian humanitarian effort in Syria, something he felt God had called him to do. Continue reading “Christian Aid Worker Recalls His 66-Day Abduction by Islamic Militants in New Book “Kidnapped in Iraq””

Sociologist George Yancey Outlines an Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism: Don’t Ignore Race or Alienate White People – Daniel Whyte III Concurs

For a long time, Americans committed to fighting racism have rallied around the ideals of colorblindness. Both legally and culturally, they have sought to build a society where, in Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words, people are judged not “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Over time, however, the persistence of racism has raised doubts about the colorblind approach. In response, groups like Black Lives Matter have seized on the rival paradigm of antiracism. Instead of aspiring to colorblindness, its proponents say, we should acknowledge that America is plagued by deep-seated racism—and then take aggressive steps to stamp it out.

In Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism, Baylor University sociologist George Yancey seeks a new way forward, one grounded in a vision of healthy interracial communication and community. As Yancey argues, both colorblindness and antiracism result in “racial alienation,” which prevents us from working out our racial issues together in a way that honors the dignity, value, and worth of every individual.

In different ways, Yancey sees colorblindness and antiracism erecting barriers to this goal. As he puts it, colorblindness ignores the realities of racial injustice, past and present. As for antiracism, he faults it for exacerbating racial division, in part by issuing an implied permission slip to disrespect white people and creating a clear expectation that whites “defer to nonwhites.”

What can succeed where colorblindness and antiracism have failed? Here, Yancey emphasizes an ethic of mutual accountability and a reliance upon moral persuasion. This means, for starters, that when it comes to conversations on race, “everyone is allowed to participate, and everyone’s ideas are taken seriously.”

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Source: Christianity Today